our fair corner of hell

Bouake Fever

just got off the plane...what exactly is happening here? riots in restaurants. blockaded streets. gunplay in the morning, armies firing on themselves. Sir, I'm writing you a ticket for running a red light at that intersection. that there is no light there goes unmentioned. this is what we call war tourism, so strap your helmet tight and get your money's worth. take to the streets and follow a stranger or two. learn their lives, analyze their shortcomings, praise the virtues you plan to exploit. compare and contrast and compete. the solutions have been ripped straight from the back of the book. flip to the last page and discover that all, sadly, is not one. our differences when stripped away reveal the lunatic at work. he's the one drawing spirals on the wall with a red-orange crayon.

domo fucking arigato

Follow this woman down the street. cross the street when she does, cross your arms when she does, cross yourself and shudder visibly when she looks back at you. for fun pretend she's the Antichrist.